Before you start looking for a property to buy there are several key details to consider such as:

  • How much can I borrow?
  • Understanding the costs involved
  • How much deposit do I require?
  • Can I afford it?

How much can I borrow?

How much you can borrow depends on several factors including:

  • Your income
  • What deposit is required
  • Eligibility for The First Home Owner Grant
  • Other loan repayments and commitments


*An important factor to consider is how comfortable you are financially to repay the proposed loan. It is imperative that you do not over stretch yourself, it is best if you sit down and work out a budget and understand how much you have left over to repay a loan comfortably. You should also factor in interest rate movements as this will affect your repayment amount.

Tips on getting your home loan

Home Loans/Residential


Home loans are a really big deal. Often there is a lot of planning and consideration to be done before deciding if you should take out a loan, and before you are approved.

There are some very key questions that you should be asking yourself as you go through this process. Try to keep in mind how much money you are going to need to borrow and how much time it is going to take you to pay back that money. It really all comes down to if you can afford to take out a loan or not, and if you can, how much money can you afford.

It might seem like a complicated thing to try to figure out, but it really is quite easy once you get the hang of it.

 You really have to remember when trying to get a home loan that you are not just going to have to pay for the purchase price of the home. There is a lot of fees, charges, and other expenses that go along with buying a home, especially for the first time. Remember that you are going to have to pay things like home loan setup costs and if you need a lawyer or an inspector they are going to cost money too. Try to come up with every single thing that could possibly go wrong so that you can have the most accurate number possible. You never want to over borrow on a home loan, but you do want to make sure that you are going to have the money that it takes to get the job done the first time so you don’t have to go back and ask for more money on your loan. Leave yourself a little bit of wiggle room to try to make sure that you are allotting yourself  a decent amount of money in case anything should happen or a hidden fee pops up that you weren’t planning on.

 Take into account how much income you have and how much your projected income is for the next few years. This will help you to get an idea not only of how much money you will be able to pay back, but also how long it will take you to pay back your loan. You don’t want to be stuck paying off your home loan for any longer than you have to. It can help to talk to an expert about this to try to fire out exactly how much money you should take out on a home loan and how many years you are comfortable being sucked into the loan.

Refinancing your home loan is another way that you can get the home loan experts to help you figure out your financial commitment. A Gorila home loan broker is there to help you figure out the things that you need help with.

 Finding a home loans broker that you can really trust is very important. They are going to be helping you make a lot of really important decisions, so you want to make sure that they really have your best interests at heart. This will make sure that you don’t get scammed. That is something that you are going to want to avoid at all costs because it could really mess up your financial situation. Making the decision on who your home loan broker is going to be is very important, so try to find out the most that you can about your broker. This will help you to make the most informed decision about which one to choose. Try to look for someone who seems like they really care about your situation and is taking a real interest in your own personal financial situation and who isn’t jus trying to fit you into their mold of a normal client. This can really make sure that you are completely prepared for your home loan and they will help you to form a great plan about how much to take out, how long it will take you to pay it off, and what type of loan you should be getting.

 Don’t let the stress of getting a home loan deter you from making the leap. They can be really helpful if you know what you are doing and you aren’t afraid to ask intelligent questions when you need to. It can help to make sure that you are getting the home of your dreams for the right price and that you are getting it in the quickest way possible. It can make sure that you don’t get stuck in a home or apartment that you really don’t love just because you couldn’t afford it at the time you needed to buy it. Home loans are there to make sure that you have the cash that you need when you need it, no matter what. The only trick is making sure that you can afford the money that you are borrowing. Making sure that you have your finances figure out the best that you can will make sure that you don’t get stuck with money that you can’t afford and that you can pay it back in the easiest and fastest way possible.

 Making the decision to take out a home loan is a big one, but it isn’t one that you should make yourself worried about. Just ask the questions that you feel you need to ask. Make a plan to make sure that you are borrowing the proper sum of money. And find someone that you can trust to give you the real truth about what you can and can’t do with the money that you have. Answering all these questions and going through all the hoops will make sure that you are getting what you need to out of this transaction and that it is one that will make you happy for many years to come as you get to enjoy your dream home with your family and those that you love.